Friday, May 25, 2012


Eeek! I'm so excited. Next week is going to be the best week ever. My husband and I just bought a bulldog puppy! We pick him up next weds. from the airport. We have another bully named Comet. We've always wanted another. We figured since we are moving it's time for Comet to have a sibling, other than our cat Cherry Bomb. I think we are going to name him Higgins. I made a list of other names I like including, Dixon, Vulcan, Orion, Apple, Sumo, Milton, Nova and Talos. I've been thinking of names for years. We were going to get a girl and name her Lola but we fell in love with a boy. Here are pictures of our new little baby.  How cute is he!!!!!!

Secondly, next week, I will be meeting Norman Reedus again. Whoop whoop! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. He was super sweet and amazing last time so I shouldn't be nervous. But, I am! 

Now, if only we would hear about getting our house and next week would be even more perfect!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All love stories are beautiful but ours is my favorite.

I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I have the most amazing family and friends that a girl could ask for. My husband….I can’t find strong enough words to express my feelings of him. Amazing isn’t great enough. I love and adore him immensely. We have loved and lost together. He has been my rock, my best friend my life. I always wanted to write the story of us. I think our future children would like that.

This is how my story would start….

I was looking for love. I, at 25 years old loving life, clubbing every weekend with my girls and staying out all night. Don’t get me wrong here, I went out all of the time but I wasn’t a fluesy. (I love the word fluesy). It was strictly drinking and dancing. I never believed in looking for love. I always believed that was meant to be would find it’s way to you. I wasn’t anxious to have a boyfriend even though all of my friends were settling down. It just happened, the way that I always knew it would.

He wasn’t looking for love either. At the fresh age of 24, he had just gotten back from a tour in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps. The last thing he wanted after being away for almost a year was to instantly fall in love. He had been back for less than a months when we met. Like I said, neither one of us was looking.

It was a random weeknight in August. My friends invited me out to a bar. I was never a bar person but clubs weren’t exactly “hoping” on weeknights. So, I decided to go. I couldn’t tell you the name of the place. All I remember was that it was some dive bar in Philadelphia.  Honestly, I was rather bored there so I kept the shots coming. Back then I was able to handle my liquor like no other. It was insane. I went up to the bar to get another round of shots when I said to some random guy wearing a NY Yankees t-shirt, “your in Phillies territory wearing that shirt, you’re a brave one.”  We started chatting and at some point I mentioned that I was a Philly girl but I now lived in Jersey. He told me that I should meet his friend Mike who was sitting at the table with his buddies. Me, being a happy friendly drunk I agreed.

There he was. Through the smokey air, I could see his bright smile as he joked with his friends. I can’t explain it and I never believed in love at first sight but this feeling rushed over me. It was so strong that it almost sobered me up. I knew. That’s all I can say is that I just knew. I knew he was going to be the one that I would spend the rest of my life with.

“I see you through the smokey air. Can't you feel the weight of my stare. You're so close but still a world away. What I'm dying to say, is that I'm crazy for you.” (Crazy for You, Madonna)

The best is yet to come......

Friday, May 18, 2012


So, I had to post this because I'm SUPER excited. I'm always drawing, painting, crafting etc.... and right now I am big on making Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon stuff for a scrap book I'm making. Anywhoo, I drew this picture and then I edited it online to make it all cool and funky. I just ordered a custom tee shirt with the pic on it. I'll be wearing it when I meet him again in June! Yay! I guess the blue glittery shirt I bought to wear to the con will have to stay in the drawer. I'd much rather wear something to show my support for one of my favorite actors and characters. Here is a pic of my design. Booh-yah! I was going to make it girly but opted for funky.

Leave me comments letting me know what you think! 

Random, yes please.

Hey yooo! So, this blog is random and unorganized. Much like my life. I will be posting things from my life, random topics, crafts/art I make, reviews and whatever else my little mind thinks up. I have 2 other blogs. One is a craft blog, the other a recipe blog. I don't really post in them anymore, as I got bored of them. I figured having a blog about pretty much any random thing keeps my interest much more. I will be posting that stuff on this blog now. I like friends :) so, add meeeee. Okay that's all I can think of right now. Thanks for reading! :D